Kenneth H. Olsen

Computer Industry Pioneer and Visionary

Born: February 20, 1926 — Died: February 6, 2011

Co-founder and long-time CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation

Ken Olsen photo Ken Olsen
Ken Olsen entered the computer industry at a time when mainframe computers dominated the data centers. With a vision of making computers more directly accessible to their users, he set out with funding of $70,000 to form Digital Equipment Corporation. Through decades of hard work and innovation, the company created a brand new style of computing – minicomputers – that no longer sat in a locked data center, but were available more directly to their users in labs, schools, and businesses. A generation of computer users were very familiar with Digital's line of PDP-8 and PDP-11 microcomputers. This trend eventually led to the development of microcomputers, of which the current day personal computers are now available in virtually every home. His engineering skills inspired and fostered a generation of computer engineers. He was also a generous donor to several institutions, most notably the Boston Computer Museum and Gordon College, and awarded by many organizations for his achievements and accomplishments.
Timeline of Major Life Events
1926 - Born in Stratford, Connecticut, on February 20
1944 - Entered the Navy
1950 - Graduated from MIT with a B.S. in electrical engineering
1952 - Awarded an M.A. in electrical engineering by MIT
1957 - Co-founded Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC)
1979 - Co-founded Boston's Computer Museum
1990 - Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame
1992 - Retired from his position as President of DEC

Ken Olsen was a humble man with great talents, and one of his mottos was "substance over style." This showed in many ways as he went through life. A company founder who truly cared for his employees, his legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of many who worked for this giant of the computer industry.

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