Bootstrap - Standard Navigation Elements

Navigation systems in Bootstrap are called navs. You use the base .nav class on the container element to create a nav. In HTML5 you should start with the <nav> element to define the navigation. This element can define navigation for the entire site, the page, or even just the section it’s in. Include a role="navigation" attribute on the <nav> element so your navigation is accessible. Your navigation will be in a list element such as <ul>, and each item will be an <li> element with a link (<a>).

The two types of standard navigation are:

  • .nav-pills—Creates a small button for each navigation item
  • .nav-tabs—Turns the navigation elements into simple tabs

Try it Yourself: Build a Simple Navigation in Bootstrap

Listing 12.1 - HTML for Tabbed Navigation

Listing 12.2 - Two-Column Layout with Stacked Pills Navigation

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Using .nav-justified for both tabs and pills

Using pills:

Now, using tabs:

(End of examples of Navigation element styles, Part 1.)